Summer's Up

Summer’s Up!


We’ve all had a great summer,

after a lousy spring when the virus ran riot through the population,

and hospitals were sorely pressed to cope with the flood of virus victims.

The worst of it perhaps was the way it ran riot through many care homes,

when people were not sufficiently isolated from the virus,

after the hospitals sent older patients back to or into care homes for their care.


But summer was okay.

Most of us thought we had beaten the virus,

but we continued to follow the social distancing rules,

and accepted the wearing of masks in shops and public places,

long after the initial outbreak.


Well it seems that we did not all follow the rules,

because as cases began to rise again slowly in August, most of us hardly noticed,

and put it down to more social and business interactions taking place.

It was not until early and mid September that the fast increasing cases were brought to our attention,

and the government decided they would have to act again!

Bad news because we all thought the virus had gone away!


Schools returned after much consideration,

with social distancing and classroom bubbles,

staggered start and leaving times.

All seemed to be going well enough,

here’s hoping the kids don’t keep it for long,

that’s if they do get it,

then they can’t infect their parents when they go home.

So far so good! We’ll see what happens.

It’s a bit of a risk, but we’ve got to give the parents some freedom,

so they can all go to work!

The kids need their education,

they have been bored and chomping for too long.


Summer’s Up!

It’s time to start your education again young ones,

because let’s face it, most of you weren’t really working too hard during the lockdown or the summer,

while your parents and grandparents tried to get you to learn.

Life was surely too easy,

and now the summer’s up!

It’s time to start learning some difficult stuff again.

You’ve had it too easy.

It’s time to get your brain cells working again!

Even the government knows you’re getting too far behind!

How will we ever keep up with the Chinese and the Japanese,

the Germans and the French, now we’re leaving Europe!


Students and schools returning,

and businesses are back on stream,

even the hospitality sector, pubs and restaurants,

after the push the government gave them in August with their half price discounts for demand stimulation.

The government quite rightly did not want business to suffer any more.

Having worked out ways of socially distancing and running businesses safely we suddenly see the figures of cases rising exponentially and some trades might have to be curtailed again.


Summer’s Up, its autumn now,

and we’re fast descending into a winter of further horrors as the virus starts to slice through our population once again.

It’s all so unfair,

we thought we’d beaten this virus,

and it has come back with a vengeance,

to beat us back into our homes again.

Now even households can’t meet up again,

unless its randomly at a shop, in a park or at work.

The winter of our discontent is again upon us!

The scientists were right all along,

they weren’t joking when they said there’d be a second wave.

Well it is here and we’re in it.

The summer’s definitely gone!

If only we hadn’t got so relaxed.

If only the young people had believed what the adults were telling them.


If only the students hadn’t gone to university,

to meet new friends and spread the virus in their new towns of residence.

They couldn’t wait to hold their parties and show the older people they’ve got minds of their own.


People of Liverpool, the first into the gates of packed hospitals.

Sociable city, talkative people.

They couldn’t stop socializing.

As soon as the virus seemed to have gone they’re back on the streets,

packing the pubs, gift of the gab,

footballing fervor, musical pride,

full of comedians, at least half the population think they’re comedians!

Well unfortunately the joke seems to be on them now!

The young have passed the virus, and the older folk are getting sick now.