Edgelands, Journeys into England's true Wilderness

Not town, not open country, not seaside. Edgelands,we know them, we live them. Edgelands are the empty factories along  the canal, sprouting with old mattresses, porn and a makeshift burnt out fire, the brief hovel of those on the road. They are the quiet walk along the canal, the trade route now a fishing, birding haunt. Edgelands are forgotten industry, retail parks at night, sites by the side of the lane for travellers, human and feral. Alive, real, rarely described. Beneath our notice?

Written by Paul Farley and Michael Symons Roberts, Edgelands shines a light into reality, places of physicality, places at the side of our mind. Always shifting, shaping, blowing down the  foggy runes of time to future unforeseen. Spare a little change please?

Edgelands, 2002. ISBN 987 1 4713 1570 1


yep. need to look this up. thanks elsie.


Highly recommended CM. Excellent writing, broadened my perceptions of everyday edge landscapes.    Elsie