Mary Beard - The Shock of the Nude

My boyfriend does not own a tv so he asked himself round to watch this, can't for the life of me think why (haha).

Mary Beard at her best, giving us her trademark mix of erudition and earthiness. We get some history, some point of view,all backed up by relevant images.The ever present question are naked people great Art or simply there to turn other people on.(bit of both methinks). What about objectification ? And the nudes in the programme, male and female are beautiful...

Part 1 was on BBC2 9pm last night Part 2 same time next week.


the shock of the page 3 girl. Now there's a story. 


Mary Beard and nudes eh, I'm reminded of a story what I wrote.



Wow, she wrote back. BTW she looks great in the nude, warm, comfortable, relaxed ...