Pitbull - Film Review

I could see Pitbull was proving a smash success. Reviewers showing their enthusiasm with long paragraphs, exclamations and five-star ratings. A long run at the Exeter Odeon. Yes this police- action- drama-comedy-lovestory was pulling in the Poles from far and wide. Subtitles too...

It's brilliant. If I had to choose between this and Trainspotting T2 I can only say see both! Different stories, same hard punchy reality humour, bish, bash bosh the slapstick of Life's slaps.

We learn that last year 40 percent of Poland's police recruits were women. Were they all as good-looking as our two main heroines? Hey, this is the movies. And as we all know,'a copper's lot is not a happy one.' Beating up wife-beaters can give you sore hands, going with gangsters is not good for your career.Some fab male acting too. The big police boss, built like a Sumo, slow of speech, sound of judgement this guy is real. So is the desperation of more than one back-up character.

I saw this film in order to recommend to my Dad who does not need the English subtitles. He is nearly 91 and suffers from depression so I was not able to lure him out to the West London cinema. Maybe he will catch it on TV when it comes round. I shall do the same.


sad about your dad, but I guess I'll see it on telly some day too. I've never heard of this film. I have heard of T2, obviously.