John Nandy wrote for many years on ABCTales as well-wisher, and remains a much loved member of our community. His final collection, published posthumously, is available now on Amazon and his family have asked me if I could help publicise it which I do with great pleasure. You can read reviews by two lovely members below. Here's the link if you'd like to buy a copy - as you will see, we can all thoroughly recommend it!:

'John Nandy has been published in several magazines, but this is the first time these poems have been gathered into a book. A poet of singing rhythm and vivid images his writing includes :


“her life force bursting forth/in battle yells of colour.“ His ability to find Beauty in the mundane explodes onto the first page in the dazzling Spring Stratagems.


“swimming midst the notes of humpback songs ‘ InDivehe breaks down  the wall between poet and reader with innovative wordplay, creating the feeling of being in a rich underwater world.


“Across your face, the wild and tangled sunlight“ breathes new life into a traditional form in the delicate and gorgeous Two Bright Stars.  


“as literature pitter-patters” Brain Cloud finds the silver lining in a rainstorm as his exuberant alliteration bounces words into life.


“none/can bear the darkness constantly./Hearts must have joy as lungs need air;” explains his philosophy of finding strength in Nature. The Importance of Joyis thoughtful, positive, beautiful.


“We are the litter god to them” a fun exampleof John Nandy’s approach to serious subjects;  with gentle wit in Pigeon Religion he shows our responsibility to treat fellow creatures well.


“I’d rather do as flames and flowers do,/brighten this world, then bid it all adieu.”  is the uplifting conclusion to The Length Versus the Fullness of lifein which he discusses social justice and how best to use the gift of time on Earth.


“stroked heaven, broad and blue” expresses admiration for those who  feature often in his poetry. Song For A Late Birdcould be seen as a tragic prediction; but it is also a celebration of one who flew high in spirit and understanding, sharing through poems the wonders he saw.


Perhaps inspired by his father’s dedication to healing, and despite problems such as racism, endured in his own  life, John Nandy chose to fight the ills of the world by praising the beauty he found here. His  thoughtful, passionate, positive works are enlivening as the sun he loved, much needed in our time.'


'From the fervent and fertile mind of John Nandy comes this posthumous collection of his most cherished and affective works. A regular contributor to the vibrant online writing site, ABCTales, his work here contained demonstrates his meticulous attention to detail and constant perfectionism in his pursuit of bridging the chasms of the human condition. The childlike narrator of poems such as ‘The importance of joy’ and ‘Who owns the stars?’ bring us back to those moments that forged us and made this reader question where he lost innocence and curiosity along the way. But this is not a collection with its head buried in the past, contemporary musings on pastoral art and the nature of death in ‘Flower in a thorn tree’ and ‘The hardest working angel’, bring us back to earth with a thud. In keeping with Nandy’s own slant on the world, the collection ends with ‘The beginning’, a sumptuous collection of octet ending with lines that will play in your ears for the rest of the day: ‘The Universe was made from love.’ A fitting epitaph for this most altruistic of poets.'