Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem of the Month for May, very kindly chosen by airyfairy:

We've had an exceptional month here on ABC Tales. The poets seem to have been inspired by the coming of spring, and a number of our regulars are still producing magnificent ongoing works. So it's been hard to make choices. I've gone for the ones which have stayed with me ever since I first read them, and which I've been compelled to go back to.
I greatly enjoyed mcmanaman's poem 'A Bookshop in Aberystwyth', which perfectly captures not only the joys of a bookshop and the sadness when one closes, but also how life passes, the years come and go, memories are made and treasured, and nothing beats reading a good book in a cafe with a pot of tea beside you : A Bookshop in Aberystwyth | ABCtales. Ewan's 'Empty Mo______o' perfectly captures the the feelings of weariness and bitterness  pervading the UK general election campaign, and indeed politics beyond these shores. Whatever your political preferences, no-one seems to feel that democracy is in a good place at the moment: Empty M_______o | ABCtales
Poem of the Month, however, is Jane Hyphen's 'Dusk'. Beautiful language, a flowing structure, and the ability to evoke sound, scent and the very essence of day's end all make this a magical reading experience. It's a truly lovely piece of work:Dusk | ABCtales
I do love a good spooky story, especially when the spooky is also a vehicle for some very thoughtful observations on history, human nature, punishment and redemption. Both parts of marandina's 'The 16.03 to Purgatory' were thoroughly absorbing and asked some intriguing and sometimes uncomfortable questions: The 16:03 to Purgatory (Part One of Two) | ABCtales ; The 16:03 to Purgatory (Part Two of Two) | ABCtales . I'm also really enjoying Schubert's ongoing novel 'Silas Bream', with its almost Dickensian parade of characters, its humour and what is shaping up to be a curveball plot. Part One is here, so do go on and read the other parts as well: Silas Bream | ABCtales .
Story of the Month, though, is a deceptively simple but really clever piece of writing from Penny4athought. 'Book of All Answers' will resonate particularly with us all as writers, but also as readers too. There's the excitement of opening a blank page, in a book or on a screen, and wondering how our story or poem will unfold on it. There's also the excitement of opening a new book and seeing the printed words, and wondering what that story will do to our own imaginations, or perception of the world: "Book of All Answers" | ABCtales
Thanks to everyone for their company on the site this month. Here's to June!