Story and Poem for the month of August very kindly chosen by Rhona Miller (love_writing):

Attempting to choose two pieces this month has left me with literally no nails left! There has been an overwhelmingly amazing amount of talent in both poetry and prose. I’ve finally selected two pieces which have continued to linger in my head, both for their skill and the emotive responses they’ve provoked.  

First up is Brooklyn Heart by Michael Valentine. Love and loss comes full circle. So beautifully moving and polished with astounding attention to detail. The shifts in the timeline are seamless and the startling vivid imagery is wonderful (especially with the comparison of the rats). 

Read it here;

So many worthy contenders for poetry this month too. I finally settled on The Art of Invisibilityby Rosa Cruz. I felt those heat seeking knuckles punch me straight in the gut when reading it. A truly astounding piece and relatable to many. 

You’ll find it here;