June's Story and Poem of the Month, very kindly chosen by Hudsonmoon:

Picks of the month are never easy. And June proved difficult. So many tasty things out there. But the following two seemed to linger the most in my somewhat scattered mind. They're both pretty wonderful.


Prose of the month honors go to celticman's Puddle Land

celticman's tale haunted me a bit. Not in a scary sort of way, though. (Okay, the guillemot in the baby crib did freak me a bit) But aIl in all I found it sad, warm and mysterious. A fine mythical tale, read by the fire. Narrated by a damn fine writer.


Poem of the month goes to socialeaf's Stew

socialeaf's Stew clicked for me because it's often how I spend my time. Ruminating in the kitchen over pots, pans and mixing bowls. Trump, homelessness and how insane the world is for putting up with one and turning heads away form the other. Some fine writing here by socialeaf.

 And to all you fine writers and readers out there. Have yourselves a wonderful summer. And do read and share these tales and other works of prose and poetry you may have come across and fell in love with. You'll be doing someone a favor. And, as the saying goes: 'There ain't nothin' wrong with that.'