Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the month of August have very kindly been picked by Ewan:


Picks Of The Month.


So many to choose from. Bookmarking likely prospects means you can look through them all near the end of the month. The other method is to create a document noting all the URLs for the ones you’re going to consider when the time comes. Two pages this month. That’s a lot to think about… And a lot to prune away. Of course, there is no way to do this objectively, though I’m sure everyone tries. Just remember, one person’s Golden Cherry is another’s Raspberry. I’ve heard apocryphal tales of that kind of award on other sites. You’ll never see the like here on ABCTales. 


August’s Story of the Month is ‘His Bit Of Fluff’ by Jane Hyphen. Bleakly funny, the twist is early but quite unexpected. Amongst others, Jane was in competition for the accolade with herself, thanks to ‘Is That All There Is?’ . 

Also to be recommended were: 


Sean McNulty’s The Bradbury another slice of the weirdly humorous that no-one else on ABCTales but Sean can do. 


The Other Terrence Oblong’s The Woollen Mill Problem is another slice of whimsical daftness from the denizens of Happy Island. 


August’s Poem of the Month is onemorething’s The First Sorrow  a blend of myth, folklore and the childhood everyday makes it a poem of rare density of meaning. 

Also of striking quality was: 


angusfolklore’s The Hawk At Rejerrah   which painted a quite stunning picture in the mind.