Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Well, first of all I have to tell you that the editors had a virtual reading event last night over Zoom. Very kindly suggested, and organised by Mark Burrow, it was a wild success with readers from all over the world. In fact, it was so good that we are definitely going to go ahead with a Main Event for everyone, so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement! It should be sometime next month and will be especially good for all the lovely ABCTalers who don't normally get to attend our get togethers. You won't have to read - you can just be an audience member. Anyway, keep an eye out for the announcement and I do hope you will try to come, it was really fun last night!

Big congratulations this week to harveyjoseph for Black Friday which is our Story of the Week and to a new member Leila Warner for Boiled, Deep-fried, Steamed and Mashed which is our well deserved Poem of the Week (it's very funny!). Read both and you won't be disappointed:


Here's this week's Inspiration Point:https: //


One last thing: there's an issue with our admin email at the moment, so if you need to get in touch please use either or


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend smiley