Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Huge Thanks for all the amazing writing this week. The variety and quality is staggering, and I have enjoyed reading pieces again and again, while trying to make this very difficult decision!


A late and most welcome arrival is another brilliant, thought provoking instalment of Jane Hyphen's Parcel For You, which I look forward to seeing in print and on screen in the future:


Ewan has created an intense and moving scene in a new chapter of Prospero Vint, which also deals with an important philosophical debate in a seemingly effortless way. Wonderful writing:


Turlough's imagined stream of conciousness from an elderly lady of his acquaintance made me laugh out loud. I had fun imagining her being doorstepped by prospective candidates in the election. If you need cheering up, please read:


Airyfairy's gently told yet highly disturbing story has haunted me since reading. This is Story of the Week:


This description of Weather by Purplehaze is not posted under Poetry, but her gorgeous imagery and clever metaphors which conjure up the power of weather in landscape, sea and sky, seem like a prose poem to me:


Rhiannon's description of a tulip's petal evokes the purity and perfection of one of Nature's most sumptuous delights at this time of year. It is Poem of the Week:


The new Inspiration Point is here :

I hope you all rise above politics and have a peaceful, happy week