Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Again, another hard week for decisions owing to us being snowed under with brilliant stuff - basically, for prose, read the concluding parts of Milo by Talo Segura, the ongoing wonderfulness of drew_gummerson's A piece of Ass, Terrence Oblong's Island Hideaway - and this week's Story of the Week goes to artofminima's series which doesn't seem to have a name, but the latest part is called A Beautiful Truce.

Poem of the Week goes to Ewan for his very moving After Oświęcim. Read it and remember.

Here's the new Inspiration Point:

and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend smiley


Cheers! No, it doesn't have a name yet. There are a few ideas in here.


I appreciate all the lovely comments, they do actually help me.