Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point Fri 22nd June 2022

It’s been a quiet week, but no drop off in quality has been discernible. Well done, all.

Story of the Week

Celticman’s Ugly Puggly continues to absorb, and Marandina’s three-parter The Horses of Wooldale Road written over a long period of time is also worth some of yours.

Ugly Puggly pt 41

The Horses of Wooldale Road Pt 3

However, Story of the Week for me is Colin.b’s Audio-excerpt, Sheep Without a Shepherd taken from the audiobook version of his published novel. A Working Class State of Mind – parts of which were published on ABCTales. It’s fabulous when ABCTaler-s actually get into print, but an audiobook is a real treat for the reader and a coup for the writer.


Poem of the Week

A special mention for skinner_jennifer’s ‘Sweet Violet’ which in almost any other week would be Poem of the Week.

However, this week’s choice is We The Land by Jupiter Moon. Succinct and profound, it will linger in the memory.

Inspiration point for this week is here.