Life of a 14 yr old girl

Okay everybody let's see how long I can keep this up. Like the title said I'm 14 and I'm in high school. Now biggest thing about my life right now and I hate it the most that is DRAMA! Why is drama needed for our lives to be okay. I'd love to meet on person who is drama free if so change places with me PLEASE!!!!!!!! Mt best friend flipped out on me because of her stupid boyfriend, Drama. Kids can't mind their own business, why u ask, well because the want to create more DRAMA. Do you people see a common theme? I do! Now if your a teenager u understand how much u want to fit in well I want to fit in too. (even though I would never admit it to people) People think I'm tough, cool! people think I'm mean and don't care, fine by me! But, come on seriously I'm just sick of drama and everything that has to do with high school. Well thanks for letting me rant even if it didn't make sense.