It's Saturday again Folks!

It's Saturday again Folks!


Its amazing isn't it how the week repeats itself. Well sequencing was not my thing after the tumor operation. I can cope with it now though! I can tell the time too, which is something that many seem to lack the ability to do – modern thinking being that if its not in digital, its merely decorative!


It's been busy – I got up late. I'd been up half the night due to the Mucky B's, the Kin..r's, and the McFarmers all doing their bit to keep their psychic ability overnight. So I gave up trying to settle down and sat and knitted baby jumpers and sent them off in the morning post. I went off to a supermarket outside the city and amazed myself by spending over £30, this doesn't happen very often. I was looking for a cam for the pc, only none were available. I want to use Skype.


After I got home the horrors came back. Early. I put on classical music (radio) and eventually watched the last night of the proms on the box. They were not satisfied with stealing everything they could get their mucky hands on, they were after more. Ilene was purring with satisfaction over a theft carried out the night before whilst I was asleep. She'd had the keys to the Mill handed over and they'd gone down below the grinding stone to swim in the deep pool below. Not recommended: its dangerous, and the water only feeds a few properties, as there isn't much usable water.


I asked her why the water had gone so mucky today, and that brought the whole story out. Whether tis true or not I cannot verify. When I became to interested in detail, she went wailing on about her Mother's death, at which point her Mother woke up, and asked her what the matter was...

Between Irene and the girl, whose name I don't know, so lets call her Heather, as its a popular local name. The story goes:


Irene: We took them over there to swim. It was fun! We could see the stars!

Heather: Yeah, it was fun. After a while though, they disappeared.

Irene: Well that made it easier, so we left them in there. Doesn't matter to us after all.


Me: Irene, the water here is now as bad as that at Mattishall. Is that why?

Irene: Couldn't say, I don't think theres anything wrong with the water here or at Mattishall.

Me: It leaves dirty black greasy marks on the cups. It tastes bad!

Irene: Can't say.

Heather: Doesn't matter. Although people over in the other flats are saying the same thing!

Me: I could only drink bottled water over there. I'll have to get some in.

Irene: Thats being silly. You'll get used to it again.

Me: the People you left in there. Are they still there?

Irene: Oh yeah, suppose so...

Me: Are they dead?

Irene: Oh Mother, are you still alive? No you're not speaking! You must be dead!



Leaves you speechless.


They believe that the world is ending in the ice-age and that we are on the final world, in a stream of possible worlds. If the world ends without us resolving a way to save ourselves, then humanity has had it. So now the pressure is on, to find someone to steal something from. They start to badger me full time.


I point out that they've already had it all. I have nothing.

They want the hall. Dragon Hall.

I point out that they've already taken all the stock out. If they went there – there is nothing for them to live on.

It goes on and on .

Heather finally states, “You were about right the other night, when I was talking to you in your sleep.”

I flinch. This is a sensitive subject. I hate being mind read, or being forced into chats when I'm asleep. What have I said? Or is this really in relation to Grandfather's notes, which were supposed to have been given to me, and are in their possession thanks to the grotty ex family I was last with.


Eventually I huff out, “What?”

“When You said we'd be best off taking over a large shop between us, then we'd have access to food, and possibly upstairs to sleep in.” Heather slapped back.

I nodded, “Yes thats the intellegent way to last a little more into the iceage. Yet you won't last long!”

“And I don't understand,” stated Heather, “Where are you going to live? If you don't stock up the Hall again, and go back there!”

“She goes up there!” snapped Irene crossly, “Where McDs can't go... its their land, they hold it.”

“A space station?” I queried nervously, “I suppose that might work, only not for long either.”

“Why?” snapped Heather.

“You took the landing machine, so I've no way back.” I explained, “No stocks, and you probably have the keys to Dragon Hall so it won't be safe. You eat human if you can, so... I don't think this is going to work out!”

“We need a way out of this ice-age,” said Irene calmly, “You're not taking the Queen and Prince Philip this time – you're taking us down a time tunnel.”

“They don't exist.”

“They do!” she screamed, “And I only eat men, and thats for the babies!”

“It's your imagination,” I returned firmly.

“Alright take us through the wall!” said Heather sharply.

“Take yourself!” I said firnly, “I don't do that either. I'm old, I'll be dead long before the ice-age hits!”


“Look!” screamed Irene, “You gotta help us, - Wake up Mother, tell her, she's gotta help us!”

“There's no way out of it,” I said, “Its one of those things, it'll get us all. We'll be lucky if we're in the dna bank, and ever born again!”


“I don't want to wait until I'm born again,” snapped Irene, furiously slapping someone, “I want to go back into the past and do it again.  If I wait for a new birth, I won't know what I do now!"


“Yes me too!” said a male voice, I was in trouble - it was the demon from the shopping mall. The one that had watched me deal with the incoming psychic phenomena. It appeared he wanted out too.

“We could make a boat, between us, and go!” he said as if it was the easiest thing to do. “Like they used to do in the churches long ago!”

“Lot of power in the churches long ago,” I said distantly, “Now of course there is very little unless they have a conregation of true believers.”

“We could do it,” he tempted me, “Even if you've forgotten, we'll show you how!”

“You're the demons aren't you?” I said softly. I knew the answer. Even to Irene and her total lack of faith, which I'd known of in sunday school in Scarborough.


“Yes,” he admitted proudly, “We are, the Devil is proud of us all, and he's glad to know finally what Irene is, so it's no more prayer meetings and carol singing in Hell by the way Irene.”

Irene laughed, “Not even one?” she asked slyly, “It was fun getting by him!”


I heard things shift and the man left.


Irene started again, “Suppose you think you're going to get a lift again with aliens! Don't you?”

“Not really,” I said, knowing I'd had hopes.

“They're dead!” she hissed at me. “After they saw you on that bus years ago, they went off to see the world again. Like you suggested years ago... and then they were supposed to come and pick you up, only they are dead!”

“I saw the Rugby ground up for 5 a side...” I said distantly.

“Yes, they suggested that was a good use for it,” she went on. “Only they are not coming back.”

“Figures,” I said. It had all gone quite wrong. With them with the notes and my old computer from before time, they'd got it all... I was playing by ear alone.


As I sat and thought about it all, and made a pair of small adult mittens, the fire alarm went off.

I could understand why, the Demons had got a little hot.


My options had shrunk. Now they were - die on the planet.