Leggings – A feeling of Relief.

Leggings – A feeling of Relief.


I went into Dereham yesterday, and found no anger there. This is the first time I've felt able to say this. There was an attempt at anger by a large family group in Wright Walk (unfortunately named) which was squashed by the citizens immediately. People came out from the shops and told them clearly not to start up again!


They are dealing with loss of friends, from the factory folk who left years ago, too afraid to come back. To seeing what was confront of them for years clearly without a mist of misinformation. Now they are hoping through communication and friendship that their old friends will come back as the Dreadful's pull out of the market town. It didn't suit them anyway. There is no more to steal there anyway.


The Dereham folk are finding cohesion and are beginning to support each other and there is less stress and angst against those who find it difficult. The Dreadfuls here don't have such an impact to do wrong. From the start folk have been more skeptical about them. It is the naive or the weakminded they want to talk too...

they have great influence with them.


About 7.00 am I awoke to the sound of Mabel's never ending show. She was after 'everything' again. We'd had a discussion on what 'everything' was a few nights ago. I said it was Death and she insisted on Binky.

Anubis showed me the horses hooves and said he couldn't do it right away, the horse needed shoeing.

Yet for a few minutes the silly woman knew what fear was!


Right here she has had allies, although through knowledge going public, she's losing them. She had palled up with the old Scooby-Doo gang who are minus their mystery wagon.


I met the gang in the Deaf & Blind school and wrote Scooby-Doo, in an attempt to show them how their talents could be used fully. They are talented in information gathering. At the time, Scooby#s would be owner – I don't think the dog was actual then, more a wish from the heart – was very rich when he was older. He'd been left a mansion and money. Nowadays he's on the streets in Norwich and has been there for years. Who took his house and money? Can we guess... 'the loosely named 'family' was all about the special services – the remmants of teams who watched communities for information.


So 'Daphne' now lives under a name I used years ago, which I used for writing – I wonder why? Very near by.

Put a neck scarf on her – which was her favorite item years ago – and she looks the same girl. Only older of course. Peter Perfect is missing from the group, and he was eventually my special friend, and in a way I was Thelma' only I told someone they were! It was a fun thing to write. I'm not sure if it was before the Cat in the Hat or afterwards. They were both done at the school. I suppose some of this is about the film money. They never even asked me about it. I do feel wronged. Did it land in the pocket of those who took the Fibber estate before asking if I was dead or alive to take it? Are they so high up that they cannot be challenged? Or does the abuse of working children still survive? Are we considered slaves to their system?


Also the issue comes up again and again. The Doctor here mentioned my relationship to Africa. I have the shape of head that comes from r Ethiopia. I know at one time I went to Addis Ababa to visit relations. I was said to be a relation of the Lion of Judah. I had to leave there because I was too delicate and the water wasn't clean enough for me. It's a different world. I recall being flown over the top of the Epiothia by one of my Uncles and looking down at the country spread out like a map below us. We mig ht have been accompanied by Amelia Wright who I was once photographed with standing by her plane. It's a long time ago, I was not desirous of going down to visit that time. I knew how ill I was down there. Now I cannot go back, although Mabel and her demons shout I ought to be put there immediately. No one knows why the country emptied or what is now going on... A strange sad end of a beautiful country.


I listened to the tale of an Epiothian woman at the bus stop one day talking to other women who were bothering her a bit. She told of how in Epiothia they had nothing, and heard of how things were overseas. Most of them left to get a little more of life. Now they have no reason to go back, even though they have been asked.


Most do not know of my African heritage as due to an operation I lost my color. I wasn't totally colored more a dark tan – due to the mix within. I know when I first looked into the mirror it was an awful shock – they told me that it was an outcome that might happen – I never expected it too.