Leggings - Another Day

Another Day.


Another day and another night. The mobile radio station are parked next too, or seem to be and at about

1:30 they are awaiting results for their appeal for proof for me. I'm half awake, half relaxed. I've been sleeping more due to new meds, or perhaps new evidence that the past has to stay in the past...


A male voice bellows out, “Is she awake?”

His echolites ring out their replies, “Yes, don't worry, we've got her nearly there, she'll hear it, and worry herself sick again!” It's all a wind up. I hope. It sounds lik e Mabel, the Brauns and other such dreadfuls. Mystery Inc. has gone bad and Scooby-Doo has shrunk over the years. He looks more apologic than hopeful nowadays.


I lay still on the bed. I hear the rush to the door. It's the demon's echolites in chorus. They fall out of the door in the rush to get there first.

A man is out side. He mutters.

One says, “If its proof for Ms. Lee we'll take it!”

“I've got to be sure to give it to the right person!” he yammers back. He sounds scared. He must know that the Demon isn't too far away.

“You can't!” objected one of the echolites, “She's still in bed. Give it to us, and don't be silly!”

“We always look after her things!” said another softly, “Give it over quick!”

“Why do you think we do these appeals on our radio show!” said a third. “We want to help after all!”


“Well, okay then, if you're sure,” says the man. He sounds a trifle worried. They aren't well dressed ladies.

“We look like this because we never go to charity shops!” said the first echolite firmly. “I mean people who go to the m look better off, and they're not!”

“Thats right dear, we're working ladies, not spongers on the charity scene!”

“We work hard all night long!”

“You'd be shocked if you knew what we get up too!”

He looks puzzled and goes fast. There is a look about him that says, stop it Ma you know its only play acting!

Or he's genuine. It's always possible!

“Why isn't she up and worried?” questioned one.

“Don't know, time was, she'd have been half out of bed while it was going on!”

I turn on the bed onto my side. I wasn't getting out just yet.


“If she don't do nothing – we won't get paid for it!”

“Bet it isn't the real Queen who pays you for it!” I say soft so it slips into the mind.

“You don't know who it is that keeps us up and at it!”

“I do now!” I point out. “I know who it is...”

“Do you know?” said another, “Bet you don't know...”

“What was the arrangement, do it until they're all dead? Either one way or another?”

“Yes that was the thing, they wanted us all dead!”

“So – it won't be long now, you're all wearing thin. You'll be old bones soon!”

A dog woofs. He likes bones.


“Don't start the dog off,” snaps a younger voice.

“He wants our bones,” said one echolite softly. She is scared. “He is looking at my knee!”

“He wants knuckle bones!” I suggest.

“Whats Knubble bones?” asks another. It's like talking to trolls.

“The hand bones,” says the third. Its another level of terror. The world of the dead and their bones.