Leggings - Another Day.

Leggings - Another Day.



News: 1. that someone stole their stuff a couple of nights ago and warehoused it. No idea who or where mind you. One of the torturers claimed it was Lord Sanesbury.... who knows? Good to hear of a Knight in action.


2. That one of the men from the start of the game decided to ask me to marry him. I refused.

Now there is a clamor from the torture gang as several of them got down on their k- nees before him early on in tha game in order to destroy me more. Not sure why this is so important to them. The news on the street is that they all have to leave the country quickly with him. I hope they take their tribes with them.... What a saving for the country in benefits.


On the way home – I slowly walked it – I called in to Sainsbury's for a cup of tea and some goods. Soon as I sat down at the table after balancing a tray against me - voices bubbled up behind me. Members of the torture gang still at it day and night. A younger woman about 30 well dressed – and quite large suddenly whooshed past in an electric disabled chair. I'm saving for one, its on my list of things I'd like. They were talking about the chair – they had no idea who to give it too – it had been left without a name on it. It was a bitter type of conversation. I can't help except think that this just isn't true. If a hospital gave such a chair to a person, they would have had to go through an assessment first I think... Or buy one themselves.


When she had passed me she made nasty remarks about someone who said they were disabled and were collecting benefits. She was out to get them in trouble. I looked up at her. I couldn't believe the venom on her face. I couldn't see the state of her – she was shown sideways and the chair covered some of her up. It made me wonder if she was actually disabled... or not. I don't know her.


A few minutes later the group of tormentors left the cafe – and I saw one – a male - I think he used to work at Pact delivering goods from the charity shop. Or someone who looked like him.


*said chair may not be exactly like the picture...