Leggings - Armistice Weekend.

Leggings – Armistice Weekend.



Yesterday, which was 10/11/17 I was on the bus back into Norwich from work when a young woman with stuck on blonde hair done Barbie style was getting off. She was thin, and upright. She had a stiff and angry posture which she bombarded the rest of the bus customers. It was quite a performance. Mustard TV would have loved it!


There was a young man with her. He used to live in Mattishall next to the Evilasstics church, a dark thin tallish man, quite tall, perhaps her brother, they seem to be about the size height. He isn't as young as before, time has moved and he's perhaps nearly 30.

He said to her as they stiffly slid towards the door, “Well its all about the money!”

She tossed her stuck on hair and said crossly, “We only became Jewish for that reason. She'll never know where he is, we've made sure the grave is unmarked.”

They get off near to the Jewish cemetary. Still tossing heads, and long limbs. Greed comes in many forms.

The Jewish women all used to have wigs, apparently at one time God didn't like hair. This is relevant because of what happens the next day.






As promised I went into Dereham today, after checking the times of the ceremonies at both towns online and being shown they were on the Sunday. I felt that even if the two minute silence came on the bus, it wasn't too bad.


When we entered Dereham town centre the ceremonies were under way.  This rattled me!   A party of the Dereham pensioners from WW2 were following the priest and dignitories across the main road to the monument. There was no military presence due to the war effort. Sad day, not even a cadet.


It was noted immediately that I had no poppy on. I'd put on something different, having bought three poppies and put them on other coats. I'd chosen to wear a large jumper instead. I went down the street and bought one off an old soldier (?) and then went back to observe the two minutes with them. I heard the post sound. I stood near to the back of the gathering and watched. Then I took off to my daughters. I felt unhappy that the traffic hadn't been stopped. It must have been hard for the Dereham Pensioners to hear the words over the noise of it.  It was thunderous.


Later I went out for a walk with the family. I wanted some stuff, so we quickly visited a few shops. In QD I was taken aback to find a group of people claiming to be from the Royal British Legion dashing about behind us. If you didn't know I was a child spy, then you do now. They told everyone - everything.


The young blonde thing from the bus was there too, she'd brought the Jewish BBC team with her. They were about investigative journalism – they wanted to know. The shop people and the RBL group got to her first and there was a scuffle behind us as they tried to get them out of the shop. Her hair fell off of course as she got to the door, where her foot was left behind her in the middle of the door. I had no idea that was a falsie! Perhaps God is a bit funny about them too? Who knows... I'll have to ask him when I go to pray.  Something in all this is fishy!


By the time we got to the door the staff had cleaned it all up. They have equipment you wouldn't believe in there. Being able to try it all first is a great asset. The boy who quickly swiped the foot out of the door into a bucket wasn't very pleased.

“Why did she have to do that!” he moaned. “I mean she promised me that bit!”

The shop manager stepped in, “Get it out of the way,” he said, “You'll panic the customers!”


So if I go into Norwich tomorrow to catch the staft of the civic ceremony will Blondie & the Jewish BBC pop up again? She might be Teatime from the start of the book, so if she is, I'm glad she survived. I didn't think her life chances were very good at one point. I can only make the start, they walk off to the Cathedral and its too far for me. I can't keep up! Will Mustard TV be there to catch Blondie's show! What bits will she drop?