Leggings - Harrassment continues...

In store in S..... local supermarket, a man starts shouting about someone having a poor credit history because they (and I did btw) pick up a vanilla gift visa card....     eek! lol!   Somewhat surprised I watched the Supermarket Manager grab the offending neo-nazi by the ear and tell him off... 

I wasn't sure whether to say something or not, only he did seem to be a little below normal, and so I resisted...   who wants to get down to their level? 

A day before in another shop, someone had set up a mobile radio unit in the back of the shop and there they were broadcasting into my brain, trying apparently to *keep me going* because that is what was asked of them to do...     Heaven help me!  I want them off....  brain dead folk.  The girl is the piggie squealer - the babe that they took from the sty and taught to be human...  after plucking off its tail... she really squeals like a stuck pig!  About takes off one's ears! 

I have desisted for writing properly for a year or so now, because they hang about and write down everything I think, they are trained as mind readers... by technology means....    and I don't want to fuel their idiot daughters on local courses...   let them write their own!

They keep on about sharing out talent, to the least bit, they seem to think it a commodity that they can utilize... its a nightmare...  and no wonder my friend died in their assualt upon him.  The father and daughter came around outside my dwelling tonight and said that *they wouldn't stop until I let the daughter have all my books... online now, plus new ones...."    I replied using very bad language, about them and their churches...  why on earth has Christianity hurtled over the edge of reason?

I have a publisher who interested in publishing a book with me -  and I'm looking into what they want, only how can I write it?   Its almost as if I need a safe unknown place miles out to sea to get it completed without a whining voice in my ear from Mabel's friends about what I just wrote, and what they want....    and what she wants....  and what the other fake Bessini wants as well...   I believe she may be funding this lot to keep on pushing and harrassing me...   she's not so busy now, I believe, has left the boyfriend behind...

More Bessini than one can push a lollypop at.. what fun!  its not!




maisie angel Guess what?  I'm still alive!