Leggings - Military Comments!




I took to my feet over the weekend, and went off to Lowestoft, In nearby Suffolk – by bus.  We used to live there, and the community wasn’t always accommodating.  My daughter joined the local Sea Cadets, and excelled in sailing, later went on to the dancing on Quads group at the local high school where an ex Olympic coach taught them the basics.  I love the promenade there, and like to walk down it, pier to pier and think. 

As I was making my way through the town, I walked past a military man dressed in combat style, and he said, something like, “Why doesn’t she use some of the money we pay her, and get some decent gear on?”  He gave me a dirty look.  I looked back at him, I wasn’t sure what he meant exactly, and he was in a hurry, so I didn’t ask him, although I wanted to challenge his assumption.  He passed another comment about “Royalty!” before he was past.  Let me be clear, although I was supposed to be paid by the military for my work, in the field, I’ve not got any for years!  I wasn’t expecting any either.  I think if there was any *Even* would have scotched the lot!

As I walked, I saw that the Military were there, complete with Spitfire, and a demonstration was taking place.  I didn’t come over, I didn’t feel welcome.  There was a group of Highlanders there, in kilts.  I’m delighted to say the kilts were the right length, nothing unhappier than a Highlander in a too short kilt!  They turned their collective backs on me, and one of them said what clan I came from…  Good to know we are unforgotten.


Now, several more things have emerged from all this, today there was a shouting match nearby, and I woke up in the latter stages.  The locals were threatening someone else, saying if they didn’t take the money over to me immediately they would report them to the POLICE.  Great idea!  Do it!   It hasn’t got here. I don’t suppose they ever will part with money.

Although I keep hearing the name HEATHER being mentioned, the voices say MABEL, and IRENE.  So perhaps its them.  I know that Irene has been using my name Rosalind to sell herself on the streets – doing the rough stuff – so perhaps the monies comes for her efforts in bending over nicely!

  The two of them have taken over from Bunny and her mate Christine, the latter who might live over here now too.   They played Madam and her girl nightly.    I’ve never been talked to by the Military in this connexion, and I refuse to do any rough stuff at all, so I’ve no idea now why they would pay me.  If its because I’m royal, then okay, perhaps I’d take it, so I could sort myself out more.  If it’s for a specific reason, I want to know what it is, and whether I agree or not.

It also must be said, that you are delivering it to the wrong address, and the wrong people.  I live alone, in a single person flat.  I’m not keen on being crowded.  I do like people who contact me first so that I can plan, or that come around when I’m in and ring the doorbell – so that I can open the door after I ascertain who they are.   If this is the challenge that my Grandfather insisted on in his will, he meant me to take it, from a location where I would have been able to sort it out from.  Not from a street some distance away when I’m in an upstairs flat over the back garden and a gully – from which I’m not often disturbed.  And why would you be doing that?  Since I think you took that will some years back – as it had all the fish in the sea in it…   and we know now that they won’t last very long – because of the plastic dumps.  Some nights I wake up crying because the whales are dying.

Any deal you have sorted out with these dreadful people in relation to me, is not valid.  I dispute their right to take my choices from me.   I dispute your right to not include me when you make deals that are in my name -  you can private message me through this site which will then email me, clever and private!   Grandfather assumed that I would be given back my possessions early on, and I’d be in a house or castle from which a reply to any challenge could be answered – if with boiling oil.

So perhaps this might clear up the mess with the military.   Who must remember that not having talked things over with me…   has left me with no knowledge of any deal made!


Apart from that the walk let me make up my mind on what I needed to do, and I’m hoping that I’ve now reached people like myself that believe that the United Kingdom must be cared for.