Leggings Second of second result,

Reposted here in case you miss it in the main site...  


The second result from this online epic book is that the research on
my family - on spinal bifida which I have, and which was resolved for me
by surgery, is now done, and around the world unborn babies are being
saved from lives trapped in wheelchairs - locked into a silence - in a
world that leaves them there.

The only thing I found wrong
with all of this, is the refusal of the medics involved to talk to us
about it.  n The Mother of the child known as Elouise Simpson on Good
Morning Britain, did mention me, which was lovely of her - and this
book...  and was immediately shut up by the presenters involved in the

I know that some of the TV is caught down by the
Watson/Wright family in a conspiracy of hatred.  Not surprising as they
are the remnants of Adolf Hitlers familiy brought here after the war,
his son was famous for being the 'Demon Headmaster' and he dealt in mind
reading and mind control.

I didn't want money yet a little
politeness would have gone a long way.  I am totally happy about the
results for all of these children no matter which family they spring
from :)