Element of Distortion




                             Heed, light separating from light,

                 giving form to darkness ever co-exiting.

                 It was once a rumbling throughout the

                 Heavenlies.  Arch-angles displays a

                 uproar: Battle for primacy, warlords

                 usurp estate, dominion causing an

                 unbalance overflow.  Slithering faceless.

                 serpent, night stalkers, day walkers,

                 midday talkers: millenniums

                      subliminal messages, archon, aliens,

                      Ufo; contending within a battle galactic

                      celestial orbiting longevity, firing off death

                   Emission, in concert, with rebirth spreads

                       like lilies among sunflower fields; off an

                      alpine glacier moving forward unhinged.

                       To its counterpart, volcanic tears shed

                       lava ashes into mudslides, cause to erupt

                       suddenly and takes on the form of a tornado,

                       snowstorm chasing an avalanche siren

                    blaring off its twist and turns; sending plate

                       tectonic aspiring to race against time in a

                       Survival of the blitz, though uncharted.

                       Amazon rainforest, spice with imaginary

                       prototype garden of Eden, modern day

                      Retreat. Meanwhile, off the coast of the.

                      The Russian border infringes with a hostile

                      climax on Ukraine border: deadly conflict.

                      Czar Vladimir Putin, a dictatorship

                      Experiencing tighter sanction-squeezed

                      by the UK United Nations, the conservative Neon

                  Con’s party was days inches toward

                     Instigating new wars on all fronts; while

                secretly supplying weapons to shadows

                     ISIS militants an emerging strikes

                  formidable: warfare, an all-out open

                     Display. An ever-global warning of ozone.

                     cries oblivious to oceanology surfaces

                  Man-made friction erodes deep blue

                     Marbles. Dark depths where Australia

                     Coral reefs breathe a sigh of relief. A global.

                     quest, deep dive for surplus violates the

                     ocean floor, endangered species, exotic

                     delicatessen: that captured craves shock

                     Sound waves; repeated forecast on the

                     evening news weather channel disturbance

                     shift, equilibrium tilt, boomerang a state of

                     emergency from a Gulf oil spill grill baby grill

                 Michael Steele, chasing full tunnel derail

                    freight train with combustible material.

                    Through rural communities; leaving

                   devastation in the wake of its aftermath

                   Once set a blazed smoothing catastrophe;

                   an uncontrollable wildfire merciless across,

                  California, Nevada, mudslide out of chaos

                  Peacekeepers become a military state, full

                  armored, a constitutional right to bear arms

                  The wild, wild west, packs their masculinity

                  On rawhide steroids: back-to-back black on

               Black crimes, police brutality against black

               youth grade A genocide equal to none other

               Ebola; African Nations Chain African trade.

               raping motherland, who would shed tears

               for another man’s blood after Cain washed his

               hands In Able blood: murder spread rapidly

               Throughout the lands. reaching unstable

               hands self-exaggerated, exonerated

               Insecure Men, Trump, Putin, and Kim Young

               Beating their chest like an ape from the

               Planet of the Apes. My way or no way.

                  Finger on the trigger. Palestinian military.

               on the Gaza Strip launching strategic air

                 strikes assault counterintuitive against

                Israel peace talks cease-fire halt nonstop

                No troops on the ground; the sound of the cries

                to Allah throughout the radical region.

                Obama drama: drones, delivery on deadly

                target in unmanned aerial drones.

                Only to redeploy. For their resources!

             Resources!  resources!!.

                Afghanistan; blood for blood.