Morning Reconciled


   Morning Reconciled


When the light of a new day opens wide her inexhaustible daybreak, flings wide your curtains as her reflection pierces off multi-colored windows, and pulls up those dancing vertical blinds. This early morning announces the encounter. Listens as birds out on a limb, creating melodies. As the dew rises with a fresh mesmerizing sensation and calm aroma, and watches as the flowers grow. 

In this, mindfulness becomes the strength of the day.

Giving more light to your soul life shining, awaken to this moment in time; where the journey is once

Destination. Untitled beginning ever so brightly your

authenticity always becoming and unbecoming a new.

A constant evolving through implemented still moves;

Attentive alone on this longest day.

In this constant life cycle here, sometimes uncomfortably comfortable, with a sense that life goes on through uncomfortable. Hush! 

This Solitude morning, being magnificent: 

We're the mind becomes airborne.

We once being lost and are now found in an open sky shining as though the light is smiling and reminded of inner strength in this early morning: from the art of life.