There’s No Present Like.. Time



I started writing these quirky poems and tales shortly after 6th July 2015


My partner of 3 years, at that time, had just undergone a successful maxillectomy to remove a tumour from his upper jaw. The after treatment required several doses of radiation followed by an arduous routine of learning to eat and swallow again. 


We had always lived in our own separate houses, so I would sit in my bed most evenings armed with my iPad, find a photograph from the numerous pictures of our adventures together, highlight the memory on my screen, then set about writing a witty or humorous connection to that particular scene and of course all dedicated to the man himself. The idea behind this labour of love was to provide a constant means of support for the days and months ahead, allowing Indie a smile, plus the knowledge he was totally loved and admired during what was to become eighteen months of endless trauma. I would email each picture and verse for him to savour. He absolutely loved and devoured every one, with always a reply of mirth and gratitude for the same. As I now had a huge collection of these pictures and writings, I found a local print company near to my place of work and between the owner Robbie and I, we produced three separate books, which I gave to Indie for his birthday, our anniversary of meeting and Christmas during 2016 as a momento of legacy and admiration for my brave warrior.


Although the initial operation was successful, sadly the cancer returned twice over the following year. Indie battled ferociously throughout. In his own words “ This bugger is not going to beat me” In early 2018 he became part of a new immunotherapy trial at The Royal Marsden Hospital in London. The treatment appeared to shrink the final tumour, which had manifested itself in an inoperable position at the back of his throat. There was now renewed hope for future. Tragically the heavy duty medication and radical treatment had taken its toll on his body. On the 26th July 2018 at 7.30pm, Indie passed away peacefully in his sleep, at home, whilst resting in his favourite chair, surrounded by precious artefacts of many worldwide travels that were a monument to his love of adventure. What more fitting a place to gently close his weary eyes and drift toward the finality of life on earth, moving beyond, to whatever lies ahead for us all. Never an ending… Just the place where you leave the story. 


I am now combining all three books into one complete storytelling scenario. 

So very proud of these writings, in the face of adversity, I thought It would be endearing to share these poems and stories with a global audience.

I really hope my book brings the warmth of a smile to anyone who reads it, especially someone who may be supporting a loved one through very difficult times.

All of the content comes from the heart… a tribute to the most amazing person who lived and loved life to the max. I was so fortunate and blessed to have met Indie back in 2012. My lover, storyteller and mentor took me on this awakening journey of adventure, for which I will be forever grateful. To have had that one chance in a lifetime of new horizons and self discovery, aided and abetted, is something I shall cherish till my end of days.

Pam and the team at Maple Publishers have been paramount in helping me to bring my writing to be enjoyed by a global audience.

You can buy my book in e copy or hard copy at major retailers such as AMAZON, WATERSTONES, BARNES & NOBLE, GARDNERS, & JAMES BENNETT.


Congratulations on your new book Miss Polly - if you'd like to add a link to buy you'd be most welcome. Good luck with it!