Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Happy Friday to all! As always, it's very hard to pick just one poem or story - there is always such a variety of wonderful writing to choose from.

Poem of the Week, this week, is hoalarg1's Beyond Reflection. A beautiful poem, tragic too, it stays with you. A very skilfully written poem. You can read it here:

But please have a read of these poems if you haven't already from Rhiannon, Luigi and lenchenelf:

Story of the Week is mitzi44's Busmar Astral: I have been following these from the start and they are always such wonderful tales.

As ever, there are plenty of other stories very much worth reading from Drew Gummerson, Sean McNulty and Simon Barget - writers who never disappoint.

This week's Inspiration Point can be found here:

Have a lovely weekend!