Happiness is a warm keyboard = I live to and love to write.

Even as a child - Stories have always run through my day -causing me to daydream characters and plots and subplots -and I write and write and have never stopped. I am not a published author but I have 4 completed novels -- My family has not read them - only me. My world in little creations that are mine- mine to move in and bend plots in and create moments for. I am happy writing - so I worried - if I tried to publish and received less than hopeful results would I lose the happy moments and begin to criticize myself ? When I write for me I am easy to please - when I write to please others it is no longer fun. Be true to your self ? Yes, I'll follow my heart - I will write for me and be happy -smiley

Thanks for listening.


Nothing wrong with that P4AT


Thank you-


Penny, I feel the same! I see myself as an amateur. I want to get better at it in the same way that an amateur photographer or guitarist wants to practise and improve but I worry that if I push it too hard I will lose the fun. Wishing you all the best, Elsie.

Thank you Elsie. It's good to know someone who understands.