Happiness is a warm Keyboard= I live to and love to write

A good grey day. How I love a cloudy, sun blocked, clouds rolling in, grey day.

I am lazy personified on a typical sun drenched day with the heat melting my rubber soles…but give me a good storm brewing and suddenly I am pulsing with energy and racing thoughts. At the first clap of thunder, I find a window and watch the clouds roll in. I thrill to the sway of the trees and the teaming rain…I am in heaven with the artistic dance of lightning. I don’t know why but I feel the power of nature in the intensity and the power of man in the electricity.

When a storm takes hold of the land I feel more in tune with life--a part of the big picture- a force to be reckoned with.

I become a writer living the story- a myriad of feelings churning like the ocean and moving effortlessly through the words like water on the shore….I love a good grey day it can take me away to anywhere…anyplace...anytime.

A cool, blustery, rain threatening, honest to goodness grey day makes you feel alive.  It awakens the senses like no sunny day could ever do.

Having a great stormy moment....thanks for listeningsmiley