Happiness is a warm keyboard = I live to and love to write

It’s funny the little things that can make your day special. Small and seemingly inconsequential to others but can be a major uplift to the recipient…The little finds that make you smile…the unexpected helping hand extended just when you need it…the simple thank you…the welcome from a neighbor…found money when you forgot you put it there…

The world can seem harsh and functional and day to day grinding when you are in the middle of your working years and trapped in the rat race...so those moments that take us out of the mundane and make us feel unique and special and smiled upon are the best. If I could scrapbook those moments I’d be looking at them often…as it is...when I remember one… it lightens my step for a while...and it gives me another good moment from the memory of just one.

Why am I waxing on like this? I guess because I’ve been feeling grateful for those little steps into happy that occur so randomly in our lives...Today I found a card with a small message in it that made me remember a moment and I cried with bitter sweet joy.

Day to day, I forget sometimes to live in my moments and then something reminds me I should...and I burst free…I become the me who loves life and its innumerable possibilities…the optimistic me...and I embrace that feeling wholeheartedly and do something out of the ordinary…just because I can.

Nothing too outlandish...a small accomplishment...or maybe just an hour to dream longer.

Today my desire to take control of my day has led me to planting a small garden.

I am going to plant some seeds, water, cultivate them…and hopefully, actually grow those delicious looking vegetables from the packet's picture…This is a big maybe, a green thumb I do not have... but I'll try...

I know tomorrow I'll fall back into a routine that takes me from morning to exhausted night and back again...but today, I am determined to enjoy seeing something I’ve planted grow… a blip into special when each stalk bears fruit...At least I hope I can successfully grow something edible...and to that end…

I’m planting seeds and hoping they grow and having a pretty good day.

Thanks for listeningsmiley