Happiness is a Warm Keyboard = I live to and love to write

I’ve been staring at this page and wondering...

Why do I feel this overwhelming need to write? Every day pieces of stories roll around in my thoughts like colored marbles until I can catch them…set them on paper…and string them into cohesive plot lines.

Maybe the reason I need to write is to connect to who I am –  find out what I believe in- Understand what am I searching for…find the part of me hidden from me. What I seek may sound strange but aren’t we all many layers deep? 

What we do- day to day -is just the motions of our life…the necessary daily interactions…job…school…doing laundry…buying groceries…chores –but what we strive for…our wishes. What we long for…our dreams. Those are where we shine and...Where those thoughts live… that is where I want to be when I write.

The peripheral view…the illusive me…the ephemeral spirit.

Life does not create a golden path to walk upon. Rejections come more easily than glowing review…but I don’t need to be praised…when what I create makes me smile…helps release some inner thought process…allows me a space to be me…with me.

Can I be in life what I hope to be in my heart? A writer who can make a living at writing and spending all my days creating happily? Never having to work at another job?

No, probably not – but I can still be inspired… and happy in this moment.

I am letting my inner muse fly across the page in bold type… and in these small hours I am absolutely free… thoughts are wild and unrestrained...nothing is impossible. Love always rules in my stories and sprits are kind and kindred.

Tomorrow I will be back at the 9 to 5 but at this moment…

I am alive in the ‘me’ small hours of the night….Letting my spirit take me where it wants to go on a creative ride through words and stories…and I am absolutely loving it!


Thanks for listeningsmiley