Happiness is a Warm Keyboard = I live to and love to write

Took a walk to clear my writer’s thoughts and found myself lost in them anyway…The crooked, broken sidewalk stretched before me and led me past store fronts and open air restaurants. Sounds of music drifted out and I found myself humming along. Conversations flowed around me from passersby and patrons sitting at outdoor tables...I strung odd words together with birdsongs and car horns to flesh out the scene forming in my mind…My imagination took me into several scenarios...I happily spun tales...created dialogue...as I walked along. The Sun warmed and the breezes chilled on this Spring before Summer day.

There is a lot to be said for quiet solitude, sitting at a desk and fleshing out a plot in focused detail...but there is more to be said for real life stimuli. The raw, everyday realities filter in to my writing...enriching my thoughts... and enhancing the ordinary details of my character's lives.  

As I live so do they… My confusions, contradictions, convictions can be one sided but take them out into the world and open them up to a myriad of ideas, scenes and actions and voila…dimensions. Suddenly a character is fully formed and can take the story into colors and backgrounds I'd not seen before.

I love beginning new stories…introducing new characters and getting my mind muddled with sentences…plot movement …conflicts and possibilities.

“CHAPTER 1”…….It is always an adventure.



Thanks for listening!smiley