Happiness is a warm keyboard = I live to and love to write

So I’ve taken today to rewrite those pesky chapters that have been crowding my mind with alternate pathways. I knew the first three or four were solid but then the murky waters began. So many…too many ways to turn the tides so to speak and I know there will only be one that will feel right… but getting there can be a major trial and error. I always see both sides to stories, arguments, questions. Maybe that is the curse of a writer, seeing all as stimuli and seeing so many ways to form a character or story, so many ways to form the dialogue.

When a story starts it practically writes itself. When that moment of inspiration strikes it is magnificent and the words flow quicker than I can put them on paper but it is impossible to remain in that first inspirational moment because life interupts with its daily demands. And returnng to a story after sometime away from it can disconnect that wonderful connection and make the middle of that story a bit more labored.

I'll have to walk my words through and re-read the chapters I've written. As I begin again I'll find more often several false starts and frustrating stops. I'll delete and rewrite because  what sounded wonderful at three in the morning looks like gibberish at noon…The pains of the writer visits me in triplicate...doubts set in until I can again capture that moment where I began the story.

I know it is in me somewhere and I know the start and the final outcome I've already written – it’s the middle that turns me around trying to recapture that writer's zone of Zen.

So today I sharpen my wit and keep up my morale telling myself I’ve got this! What have I got? I’ve got this disease that I need to tell stories. In my head they are amazing tales and on paper they begin that way…but then…I lose myself in a myriad of alternatives...but I will find that right combination of dialogue and story movement and my heart will soar when I do.

I'll read that next chapter to the last line. I’ll smile satisfied and hit 'enter' all the way down to the next page...and continue to the next Chapter …..And it all starts over again....

Sitting here in the middle of the story…staring out the window for inspiration and playing with words hoping for magic!



Thanks for listeningsmiley