Happiness is a warm keyboard= I live to and love to write

The garden path was lit by bright, eye squinting sunlight and I wanted to run down it. To jump over the gate and run for miles finding my way to the beach, to the soft settling sands under my toes as I race to the waters edge. To abandon at the pier all burdens, daily grinds and demands on my time. To be the person I was at eighteen with eyes wide with possibilities, arms open to encompass the world, to live in today and let tomorrow watch at a distance spinning its seconds.

Time - not always my friend but always on my mind…Late for work racing out the door… minutes to deadlines completing projects…grocery list getting longer- pencil in time to go shopping but when can I pencil in time to live?

I miss those carefree days of youth when the summer was mine…all mine to do with as I will. I wish as adults we were given that lovely kind of vacation but that is an unproductive wish. So I'll dream of moments when I can shut down from the day. When I can turn off the noise, the demands and the worries, and lose myself in my stories and thoughts.

 Sitting here with the laptop humming and letting my world slowly spin into daydreams….

Thanks for listeningsmiley