Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and live to write

Sometimes …when I have time to my self…not often…I research places or things I’d like to see someday… and I’ve saved snippets of information on all sorts of interesting places….My documents folder is jam packed with ‘where I want to go’ places and things I’d like to see…but my passport is still unstamped and my airline miles couldn't take me to the next town but still...I can dream..perhaps when I retire??...Anyway my current find is a Botanical Garden in South Carolina.

Brookgreen Gardens is the home to the Dancing Muses Fountain. It was sculpted in bronze by Carl Milles in the 1950’s in Italy and was commissioned by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and it once graced its impressive restaurant. ..But when the museum’s restaurant was renovated in the 1980’s the fountain was cemented over…the muses stored away…and the space transformed to nothing extra ordinary… I use to go to the museum with my sisters and we loved that restaurant, especially the ambiance of the fountain…so I was disheartened at the loss of such a beautiful fountain and work of art…until recently.

Searching the internet for interesting places to go and looking up information on the old fountain I remembered…I was shocked and elated to find it had not only survived… but had been on display all these many decades.

I was so happy to find these beautiful, whimsical muses again and as I scrolled through all the pictures on the site...my memories flooded back. I loved the details and the joy of each muse and the feelings of good times I remembered sitting in that restaurant around that magical, artisitc fountain.

It is no longer hidden within the walls of a museum but sits playfully within a real pond...surrounded by beautiful gardens… in a natural setting befitting its sculptor’s artful imagery...the muses are in their element...balancing upon water spouting dolphins...eternally reaching for their gifts.

I love when life brings you back a memory…all shinny and new again…and with a whole new way to enjoy it too. My smile is genuine and I cannot wait to visit that garden this summer…

Life can be amazingly warm and fuzzy every once in a while…So here’s to good memories resurfacing in new ways...making the world bright with discovery… both new and old…

Thanks for listeningsmiley