Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

I have dusted off the chapters and with much apprehension have posted them to ABCtales. I want them to fly but I worry...are the characters well defined? Believable? Worthy of readers emotions? Is the storyline tight enough...enticing enough? Should I re-write and re-write until I'm convinced it is perfect...and will I ever be convinced? Me thinks not! So I have posted them and sat back. Do I wish for comments from readers? Am I happy to see them read? Yes to both. At first I kept checking my stories twice a day then every day and now just twice a week but I still have to fight myself not to hit Delete....

Maybe because being a writer is such a soul bearing affair. When we sit alone and write it feels so freeing and empowering to turn words into stories, breathe life into characters. When we give those stories wings to fly and let them out into the world, we have to worry if they will have lift or flounder to the ground. To delete them is to spare them but to let them fly is to see the truth.

worry, worry worry,....stress,stress,stress..... but I will not hit delete...I may however re-write.smiley




Thanks for listening