Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

My hand upon it… I feel its warmth; its rough bark is pliant under my hand. I feel the breeze as the branches above move with the wind. I look up and smile as a lone leaf drifts down onto my shoulder.

It is beauty…it is alive…it stands tall and proud and timeless…and breathes life for us.

I have always felt an affinity with trees. I cannot say why...but standing among them I am calmed and I am able to think and relax. What it is about these towering, natural companions I cannot say…I only know I feel safe and comforted when I rest against the base of a tall, strong tree. The birds must feel it too for they build their homes upon its branches.

All of nature is pure beauty to me...and If I need to find a jumpstart to my creative juices I have only to walk through a park...see and feel the nature all around me.

And there is no better season to feel alive in then Fall...the crisp air, a hint of snow, the fiery leaves that litter the walk… stir my thoughts and charge my imagination to happy heights.

I will let the rustling and colorful raining leaves awaken me to this present moment...I will know I am alive in it and I will connect with that spark of life and wonder so necessary to me. I will hear the crunch of the leaves under foot. I will kick at them and laugh as they fly about. This moment will paint itself as a memory I can retrieve later when I am stuck in a workday world...and cannot see the sun for the windowless wall.


Living in the moment with a giant green friend and breathing in the fresh air.

Thanks for listening.smiley