Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

We all have a story to tell whether it is funny or uplifting or dramatic depends on what moment in our lives we focus on. A story is easy to tell when recounting true events but as a fiction writer…I can embellish to my hearts content… and that is so much more fun.

Let’s face it…Life can be mundane and boring…and since we still don’t know the big answer to why we are here…I would rather presume we are here for a reason… a good reason of course…and begin my story from there.

I can take a philosophical conversation and broaden it into a plot line or… a theory of ‘life after life’ and articulate its belief into the characters personality.

It is so much fun to have a whole band of characters to move along the story board…and with differing opinions…conflicts…and unusual road blocks to navigate...I can plot a romance in an instant.  But I love twisting it beyond the normal everyday probabilities. I like to add that touch of magic, mischief or wizardry that lives in dream or fantasy. That is my cup of cocoa but of course it isn’t everyone’s and that’s why story genres are diverse and many… and based on what fires the author’s imagination.

I am not in the league of published or followed story tellers....Truly not... I'm a novice at posting my chapters. I know they are still in need of editing to strengthen the story and keep the readers interest from chapter 1 to 20...And I am not averse to re-reading and editing…I never grow tired of revisiting my characters in their written worlds…On those revisits…I can find areas I’d overlooked on first draft…and it is rewarding to tweak it and see the dramatic results a few word changes can create.

Currently, I am reviewing a story I’d written that was/is a little out of my normal plot line but not beyond my imagination.  It is in its 8th Chapter and taking a twist that is proving harder to visualize and move forward on. I am going beyond my comfort zone to fulfill its need to be different. I have those 8 chapters but I am considering deleting the 8th because I am not sure of its turning point…and yet… It may stay the path it's on…I’m just not sure…but either way I am having fun relooking at it and letting the characters speak to me in the dialogue I set… and delete... and reset… while finding the best road of words to take them on...and decide the next twist in their journey.

I'm reading over chapters and having a writer’s dream moment…turning the page onto a new chapter is always rewarding… no matter how challenging…and maybe…the challenges make it even more so.


Thanks for listening.smiley