Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

It was the daisy that held my attention and I’m not sure why…it was buttercup yellow and the sight of it…one lone daisy waving to me in a field of grass…made me sad, it was all alone… and I wanted to plant it a family.

Strange musings over my first cup of coffee I thought…but that was the view out my back door and it had captured my imagination regarding flowers and feelings.

So I wrote on my grocery list: “buy some plant seeds.” I was going to give that lonely daisy a few friends.

That made me think of my friends…there are days we all feel like that daisy…alone waving in the wind…and we’d like a friend to shoot the breeze with, if you will.

I had always had a close group of friends to share happy times and not so happy times with but…once I moved from the place I grew up…I felt just like that lonely daisy.

I’ve made a couple of friends since moving here but the ones I grew up with…the ones who knew me from grade school…they were so far away now and yes…keeping in touch was what we’d promised but…time and distance does disconnect the shared moments and we lose the subtle knowledge of what’s going on with each other.

Wow, all these thoughts are having me crying in my coffee from a daisy outside my window…Funny how life can make a statement when you least expect it.

I think I’ll finish this cup of coffee and make a few long distance calls and catch up with some pretty great friends…and then I am going to plant a few seeds…


Thanks for listeningsmiley…and maybe...phone a friend today.