Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

Dusk is setting in and the low light of sunset is blanketing the grass with shadows and patches of last light…Day is ending and night is falling and in this moment between light and dark…I sit in quiet contemplation… reflecting on all the issues of my day….but I don’t battle the problems…I let them simmer…pausing to see what answers may come.  

I have always been a night bird…the pace of morning exhausts me with rush hour and work day demands and chatter…It is in the gloaming where I languish happily…breathe and take stock of what is…what is possible and what is high hopes i.e hopeless…and reacquaint myself with myself... because I can get lost in the social expectations of other humans... as we all can at times... so its nice to know I’m still me, a little frayed ‘round the edges, a little unsure of what tomorrow will throw my way but secure in the one constant. I know I will always be there for me. That little voice inside is kind and caring and yes sometimes annoying… because it is usually right…so when I finally shut down and find that peaceful transition from work to life…my inner sanctuary welcomes me home.

There is soft music on the radio, the last streaks of light are fading...the owl in my neighborhood hoots and the cicadas begin to chirp as my mind gels into mellow, mindless reflections……

Thanks for listeningsmiley