Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

The weather channel has been a big part of my day for over a week now, Dorian is just now approaching my area and thankfully it is farther off shore than they had first said. I am inland so we should be fine but this time of worrying… for so many days…stocking up in fear of having no power… and the worry if there would be any open stores after it ends. This was considerably more upsetting than in hurricane threats of years past .

If something good came of this worry, it was the need to escape it. That need ramped up my creative thoughts and as usual I found escape in writing, but this time it took me away from my romantic adventures and into a realm of childhood I fondly remembered.

My love of magical adventures as a child was unsurpassed and so I have started a magical new story, a fantasy, and I can only hope it reads as well as it did in my thoughts. To that end, I have posted a link here and hope you will leave comments to help me along on this new adventure.

Turning off the TV now, watching the breezes pick up and bend my tree’s branches but the wind and rain are filling me with magical thoughts and my only fear is for the power to stay on so I can finish the thoughts of magical beings flying through my mind at lightning speed… as magical creatures will do….

Thanks for listening….smiley