Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

The golden sunshine gleams off the cars ahead of me as brave birds dart across my line of vision flying from stoplight pole to tree limb.

It’s a perfect day outside.

I lower my visor to block the glare as I keep the required car lengths/per mph distance behind the car in front of mine.

This has become the new way I take a walk, using my car and, with the amount of traffic increasing everyday, I must not be alone in this change of walking mode. I’m not stopping anywhere on this drive, I’ve no destination and I’m not going to get out of my vehicle, not until I circle back and park in my garage. Until then, I’m outside in my steel protective suit and for the most part enjoying this sunshine filled 70 degree day, as best as I can.

I stop at a red light and notice the gas station to my left has cars lined at the pumps. Three of five drivers pumping gas are wearing masks, the other two are playing chicky with the odds, but it’s their prerogative. Mine is to steer clear of those risk takers.

Three blocks down I see a large sign outside the local bar and grill touting “We are open for table service and take out,” and there are at least ten cars parked in their parking lot. I calculate what I know to be the size of the dining area and decide, they could be keeping everyone safe inside but then a group of four customers walk out from the restaurant together and none are wearing masks, so I reassess…are they keeping safe in there? Me thinks not.

I pass my Veterinarians office on the next block and see that he has not reopened but there is a sign in the large picture window with a phone number to call if your pet has an emergency. That’s very smart I think to myself but then I have to stop short as the car in front of me has decided to take a left and enter the vet’s parking lot.

I guess they needed that number, I hope his pet is okay as I drive on.

I make the next right and pass the auto repair shop. It has one car up on a lift and one waiting with the driver sitting at the wheel of his car. I smile when I notice the driver is wearing a sport’s team face mask…go team and keep me safe! 

The Donut shop has a drive through that is open for business and for a heartbeat I consider turning in behind the long line of cars but, knowing the line goes around the building, I keep on driving.

The Pharmacy’s parking lot on the next corner is half full of cars and its drive through pick up window has a line of cars longer than the donut shop’s. I’ve had to pick up items here before so I know everyone who works there is wearing masks and gloves but some shoppers entering the pharmacy are not wearing masks and I hope they’ll keep the distance from those who are working there.

My drive around the neighborhood, just like every neighborhood in the world today, has signs of those who want it to be over, those pretending it isn’t real and those who are so afraid of contact, they’re keeping double the distance and wearing every protective gear they can think of, all the individual perceptions on display.

This car drive I take every day, to get out of the house and ward off cabin fever, changes my view of my world...every day.

Like everyone else doing their walking in their cars these days…I cannot wait for the day I can actually walk around my neighborhood. Walk into my favorite places and talk to people I know, but for now, I’m perfectly fine staying safe and taking my daily sabbatical on four wheels…

Thanks for listeningsmiley and safe motoring....