Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

The full Halloween moon shines eerily on empty roads, devoid of trick-or-treaters or any human souls. The shadows play in fields of corn and forests filled of ancient oak trees. The veil of separation thins tonight to peek within is dare or fright.

Halloween stirs the otherworldly imagination and delights with chills and thrills of fright. I cast my spell upon my home with decorations on my lawn and although this year will bring no trick-or-treaters to my realm, I still will find my treasured stack of Halloween movies to fill  my lack, of chocolate hungry visitors and while I watch my time worn spooky delights… I will hold my plastic cauldron filled so dandy and treat myself to all its candy.

I hope you find that perfect spooky moment and thrill in the imagination of magic and wishes. I myself am perfectly happy with Hocus Pocus on my top list of thrillers.

Happy Halloween my friends,

Thanks for listeningsurprise