Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

May flowers are blooming and the animals are coming out from the forest to enjoy the warmth of the sun. There was a beautiful rabbit in my yard chewing on the grass this morning and made my morning coffee all the more pleasurable to see it there. I know my husband wants to put back the fencing that was knocked down by the large tree that fell from the forested area behind out backyard,  but I don’t want to. Since that fence fell, I have seen a family of armadillos, rabbits and a flurry of red birds flying through that bit of forest. I’ve even seen a bald eagle sitting on the highest lamp post after he flew from this forest. I’d never seen one that close before. And I hear my usual owl hoot happily that he has this place to be. And then there is the hawk that flies by in a blur, but I do not want to see where his target may be, but the hawk is beautiful too. All the nature at my back door is an oasis for me. It stimulates my calming endorphins, I breathe easier and I love to step outside and feel the stir of air from the leaves of my giant oak tree as it waves hello to me. I feel privelged to have this view and thank that storm of nature that feld that fence and gave me wonder.

Thanks for listening smiley