Happiness is a warm Keyboard=I live to and love to write

Write and they shall come….at least that’s what happened when I began writing Willow’s Tail.

A day after I posted the first chapter, I kid you not, a tiny black and white cat sauntered into my front garden and made itself at home. The cat, I believe, lives next door or at least that's where I'd always seen it, lying on their porch or lawn but ever since that first day I posted, it decided to check out our shaded garden. It now spends leisurely afternoons under the boxwood bushes beyond my front porch. The cat has also found a friendly space under my gardenia’s near my large oak tree.

For what ever reason, it's decided to make itself quite at home here, I’m pleasantly pleased it has.

I continue to write chapters for Willow’s Tail and I've found the characters breezed through with dimensional personalities that captured my creative attention, just like the cat that found a haven in our front yard tugged at my heart.  

Then another oddity occurred.

Last week, to my back yard, a black cat sauntered in as if it owned the land. My husband was mowing the grass back there but the cat was undeterred by the machine’s noise or my husband’s less than friendly expression. When he told me of the encounter; I laughed when he said he couldn’t believe the boldness the cat showed as it surveyed the lay of the yard.

Apparently, it had definite cat-itude…and I thought...Was this Willow personified?

I’ve not yet met this backyard wanderer but I love animals and since losing Frankie, my beautiful black lab, I’ve been in need of some furry friends. The cats are more than welcome to hang around my yard and feed my creative drive. 

Whenever I see the little black and white cat napping under the shade of those bushes, it brings me a smile and an actual sigh of contentment.

The animals we share this marvelous blue marble with are wondrous. If we can learn to coexist, leaving them space to dwell and prosper, it enriches our lives and may give our mutual planet a better chance at survival too.

So on this Sunday afternoon with birds twittering in the trees, I snapped a picture of my little visitor, trustingly asleep, and by some spiritual connection, or osmosis, I felt a calming breath of gratitude in sharing the moment of peace and tranquility.

Maybe someday I will again have a pet, maybe not, but for now, this little feline has made the loss of my best friend less painful…and is more than welcome to pull up some shade and feel safe here...safe enough to slumber...

Thanks for listeningsmiley