Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

Today the air was ripe with fresh cut grass and warm with sunshine. There is a remembered day in this moment—a certain taste and smell to the air transported me to a time of childhood, it was a day carefree and full of discovery- and I am that child again with one deep breath.

Memories that come back so clearly bring reflections-- to look back—to a time we defined ourselves or perhaps even to search for ourselves again. It reminds me that a writer lives in the senses. It is where I go when I write...Moments that shaped and moved me propel the stories in my imagination.

I create a mix of reality and daydreams in every character and storyline and I am so grateful to all the days I’ve lived and have yet to live. All the times of my life – all the people that pass through my days – all the snapshots that I treasure the most- help me write what I feel and help me feel what I write.

To the joy, wonder, discovery, disappointment, success, sorrow, and love that threads my journey with fine spun gold that I can hold and reflect upon.  And remember on a warm summer day and draw close on a cold winter’s eve.

In a reflective mood...thanks for listening.smiley