Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

A perfect time to write, the quiet moment is filled with music…soft strains of guitar and deep mellow vocals... close my eyes and feel…memories evoke stories...friends, lovers….windy streets, sand dunes of sunshine, snow drifts and sleigh rides….clear strains of memory inducing lyrics.

I am swept away into worlds of dialogues and moments of intensity. My fingers fly across the keyboard--barely keeping up-- Thoughts are words and words are emotions and I am lost in the drama of what will happen.

I love this moment- I am alive in creating. I know I will have to edit and correct typos as my fingers hit keys out of order and spellcheck flashes corrections/choices…but I ignore…and care not…for I will correct and edit- later…much later---for now I cannot miss one keystroke of thought --flying with the music-images before me… I am one hundred percent in and nothing save a natural disaster can wake me from this trance of writing—and perhaps not even that…for I am riding the words -- conjuring magic- and living and loving to write!

Thanks for listening. smiley