Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

Conclude-concoct-contrive- acquiesce...strong words, soft words-

convey feelings – denote actions – imply meanings.

Words-- the playthings of writers…the tools of the press…the weapons of politics –

Words to express - to be understood – to argue the point…

We strive for the perfect word…and so it goes as we write –  


When words flow in perfect communion to thoughts…we are happily creating.

If we hesitate – think upon it- or block-

Words stall like broken letters of stuttered speech in our heads.

We stumble to the Webster-

Rifle through crisp pages –

Search for the satisfactory word…no- the perfect word—

Mentally blocked until found.

But that one word opens the path to the next line…And the next…

Until it stretches out in a satisfying golden line of written words…and on to

End chapter…End book.

There’s a perfect writer’s life to be had… but all for the want of ‘words’.  


Sitting here with my Websters -page by page- till the writer's block goes away.......Thanks for listening!smiley