Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

The way we express our feelings… the diction, inflections, rhythm, slang and tone are unique to each one of us. We may sound like family but even then there are slight differences...We are snowflakes of individual resonance.

When we write freely we can hear that voice…it is captured in the dialogue and structure of sentences. It is only when we edit to please grammatical laws or modern writing standards that we lose our distinctive voice.

That is why I love to keep a personal journal where I can ramble mindlessly across the page …letting words fly as thoughts occur…free the mind to express in its primitive moment. No structure-just a freefall of inspiring thoughts and observations of self and surroundings.

It’s certainly not a published work I am writing but it’s a motivating moment I am experiencing…I free thoughts and let the verbal wind take my feelings onto the page…If only for my perusal.

The essence of self-expression is alive on those pages. The unfettered writing captures honesty…gives voice to my world.

Sometimes, in those long winded pages, I can find a trace of a poem or a thread to a new story.

Amazing things can happen when we let the creativity inside have its freedom. At the very least we vent and unburden…at the very best we find our writer’s voice.


Sitting with pen in hand escaping into my innermost thoughts…free spirit moments and a cup of tea closing out my night.

Thanks for listening.smiley