Bring Out Your Dead - the statistics!

It's been a lousy day, weather-wise, and there's nothing I like doing more than messing about with a spreadsheet (I know, I know, I really should get a life!), so I thought you might be interested in some of the statistics concerning the recent 'Bring Out Your Dead' series of stories:

The story, in its current form, appeared as a series of 54 weekly episodes, published on ABCTales commencing in January, 2023. The story had originally commenced, again, right here on ABCTales, episodically, in 2016 and had limped to 34 episodes by 2019 but then stalled because I couldn't think how to resolve some plot issues!
In 2023, I was able to revisit and rewrite these episodes and resolve the plot issues.
Of the 54 (2023) episodes, 51 received at least Cherry Awards and, of those, 5 were awarded Golden Cherry Awards (Pick of the Day) and 1 was made ABCTales Pick of the Week  (Episode 6 'Churros, Chickens and Choices' ) yes
The average number of 'views' of each episode, over the 54 week series, was 577
The highest number of 'views' was for Episode 17 'The Ferry Godmother?" (1,130) and the lowest was Episode 10 'Threats and Promises' (240).  The total number of views, over the entire series, was 31,145 (not that this means anything much, but it's a spreadsheet so,hey!) laugh
My sincere thanks to everyone who read any, or all, of the episodes, who commented on them and/or 'liked' them.  You made each week a pleasure!
Well, that's got that off my chest!  All I need now is for some kind souls to read the collected works in either Kindle or paperback versions.  Any takers? wink