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Bring Out Your Dead - the statistics!

It's been a lousy day, weather-wise, and there's nothing I like doing more than messing about with a spreadsheet (I know, I know, I really should get a life!), so I thought you might be interested in some of the statistics concerning the recent ' Bring Out Your Dead' series of stories: The story, in its current form, appeared as a series of 54 weekly episodes, published on ABCTales commencing in January, 2023. The story had originally commenced...

A Hiatus for Archibald!

In which my Undertakers take a two week respite

They're coming back, in a new adventure!

This Friday (8th March) sees the start of a brand new Undertakers adventure, 'Dead Reckoning' , featuring Josiah and Archibald, fresh from their Spanish triumph in ' Bring Out Your Dead'. This time, Oakshott and Underwood are facing tough times and difficult choices may need to be made. Can Archibald avoid the Job Centre? Hope you'll join us for another mystery tour with plenty of jokes and jeopardy along the way!

A Bit of a Faff!

I don't know if you've ever tried converting your Kindle books into print editions but I wouldn't recommend it if you're aiming for a peaceful and tranquil existence. Battling with the idiosyncracies of MS Word is enough to send you over the edge and that's before we get to the joys of dealing with Amazon's Cover Creator software! However, I do know that a lot of people prefer print editions to Kindle versions and I can quite see why. Therefore...

Only the face has changed!

For more years than I care to remember, I've been using the same publicity photo for all my written work, wherever it appears. However, there comes a time when you have to accept that you're in a 'reverse Dorian Gray' situation, whereby you are getting increasingly decrepit but your photo remains the same! Don't get me wrong, I'm very fond of my publicity photo. It was taken on or around the time of my 50th birthday. We had some unused credit...

It's all kicking off tomorrow!

Tomorrow (2nd Feb) sees the 53rd episode of the Bring Out Your Dead series, and this is the one you've all been waiting for! 'Sir Lewisham's' funeral finally comes to pass after a year of build-up to it and it's just as explosive as you expect it to be Don't forget that today (1st Feb) sees the publication of the collection of stories that lead up to the Bring Out Your Dead series - ' A Subsequent Engagement ' - and you can grab yourself a copy...

A little late, appropriately!

Some of you (hopefully) may have noticed that this week's instalment in the Bring Out Your Dead series,, which would normally appear, to a less than interested world, on a Friday, has been notable by its absence. This lamentable state of affairs has arisen because I have been otherwise engaged, ironically attending a funeral, amongst other things. However ' nil desperandum ' (as the Romans probably didn't have it) all things come to those who...

Christmas Present

As today (1st December) marks the start of the official countdown to Christmas, I'm making my Christmas book (Kindle version), 'A Christmas Cracker' FREE for one day only. Apart from an alternative version of the Nativity and a wry take on those 'round robin' Christmas cards we all get, you'll also find some tales of my Christmas Past and the first ever Josiah and Archibald Christmas story. Grab it while you can, ho, ho, ho!

Archibald and Josiah - the audio experience!

I promised I would let you know when Josiah and Archibald made their deput on the airwaves and I'm pleased to say that today (Friday, 17th November) is the day! The very first Undertakers story, 'A Dubious Undertaking' has been interpreted by Yorick Radio Productions and I have to say I think they have done a marvellous job. See what you think by following the link:

A hiatus in the hundertaking!

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noted that this week's Bring Out Your Dead episode - 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You ' , has appeared a day earlier than normal. This is because, due to circumstances beyond my control (as they always say) there will now be a slight hiatus in the regular weekly provision of insights into Josiah and Archibald's travails, getting the body of Sir Lewisham Carnock back to the U.K. However, nil desperandum and all that...